Things to Consider Before Buying a Diamond


Diamond is one of the most attractive jewels in the world. The demand for diamond is increasing day and day as more and more people are developed their interest in this exquisite piece of nature. Even though diamonds are naturally found in nature but still they require a lot of work before the diamond merchant sells it to you.

Buying the right diamond that suits your personality or falls in your budget requires time and effort. There are a number of things that you as a buyer needs to consider before buying the perfect diamond ring for men or women so let us look at some of them so that you can easily purchase the diamond that you are looking for.

1.      Diamond or Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is common substitute for real diamonds. Since everyone can’t afford a diamond thus Cubic Zirconia is used to provide the people with a cheaper alternative. Even though both the rocks look the same to a common person but a diamond expert can easily differentiate between the two.

Diamonds are more expensive as compared to Cubic Zirconia because diamond never loses its shine. You can keep it for years and it will never lose its charms whereas Cubic Zirconia on the other hand might get a bit dull after years of use.

So if you are planning on looking for cheap diamond jewelry then Cubic Zirconia is the best option for you but if you can afford a real diamond then it is better to go with it because it will last longer as compared to Cubic Zirconia.

2.      Diamond Merchant

The person from whom you buy the diamond from also matters a lot. You can either go to a trusted diamond jeweler’s outlet in the mall or you can shop online because internet has made our shopping life much easier. Areesha Jewelers is one of the most trusted online jewelers who provide you with a wide range of diamond jewelry collections.

It is important that you purchase your diamonds form trusted merchant so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of going through the certifications afterwards. So either purchase from a shop or online but make sure that the merchant is trustworthy.

3.      Shape

When it comes to diamond rings, most people with go with the round shaped diamonds because they are the most popular ones. But before you go buying a diamond ring you need to know that there are so many other shapes available as well.

You can ask the merchant about the different diamond ring designs in different shapes which he can offer or you can search about them on the internet and choose the one that you like. The shape of the diamond also affect the right ring setting for it so choose the one the suits your needs.

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4.      Carat

Carat is the standard unit of weight for diamonds. You can buy a 0.5 carat diamond ring or you can invest in a diamond weighting more. Diamonds with high carat weights are more rare as compared to the low carat weighted diamonds thus you can easily get your hands on 0.5 carat diamonds rings for her but as you increase the weight the rarity of the diamond increases as well.

The carat weight of the diamond highly affects the price of the diamond which directly influences the price of the jewelry. A 2 carat diamond will cost you more as compared to two 1 carat diamonds because 2 carats are more valuable and rare than 1 carat diamonds.

5.      Clarity

Clarity is another important factor that influences the price of the diamond. The clarity of a diamond affects its sparkle which is why a diamond with lesser inclusions is clearer and sparkles more as compared to the diamonds that are graded as S12 or S13.

Flawless diamonds are priced higher than lower graded diamonds so even if two diamonds are identical expect in the case of clarity, the one with higher grading (Less inclusions) is likely to be more expensive than the lower graded diamond with the same weight, color and shape. The grading chart for the diamonds is below to enhance your understanding.

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6.      Color

When it comes to diamonds the most common three colors that you will find are yellow, grey and brown. The rest of the pure and clear diamonds are colorless and they tend to sparkle more which is why most of the buyers are interested in buying colorless diamonds. Diamonds can be found in other colors as well but they are quite rare and much more expensive as well.

Diamonds are tested on a color scale from D to Z to test the amount of yellow in the precious stone. Colorless diamond ring prices are always higher than the yellowish diamond rings as they are clearer and sparkle more thus are demanded more by the people. You can get a colorless diamond ring for her from Areesha Jewelers bridal rings collection.

7.      Cut

Diamonds are rocks that reflect light. The amount of light that a diamond reflects depends on the way it has been cut. The cut of the diamond is definitely going to affect its sparkle which is why it is also linked to the price. Diamonds that are perfectly cut have almost 58 finely cut flat surfaces all of which can reflect light at different angles and give your diamond a much brighter sparkle as compared to the diamonds that have shallow cuts.

The facets, flat angled surfaces of the diamonds, affects the beauty of your diamond and the way it fits in your jewelry. Diamonds have a cut scale which is given below. A well cut diamond is more expensive than a shallow cut diamond so make sure to consider this factor before your get your diamond engagement ring.

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8.      Certificate

It is important that you verify the specifications of your diamonds before you buy it thus always ask the seller to provide you with your diamond’s certificate. The certificate should indicate the serial number, quality and specifications of the diamond including its color, weight, cut and clarity.

Certificated are issued by gemological labs. Most of them offer online services as well so you can contact them to verify the specifications before the purchase. Make sure to get the certificate from a trusted gemological lab which has a great reputation.